Surprising Benefits of Music on Mental Health

Surprising Benefits of Music on Mental Health

I am 24, at a start of my career. Where, almost every young being in this age category is working or their 1st or 2nd job. Someone is preparing for a master, someone is for government exam or someone is just giving an interview to get that one shot to start his/her career.

We live in world today where what you do is matters the most then what you are (isn’t it from Batman). Today where MCDONALIZATION of the world has happened, we need instant satisfaction. Be it Job, looks, relationships & sex. We want ASAP gratification.

But we millennial tend to forget that we can get instant gratification in everything but not in job & relationship. It takes more than year to have job satisfaction; it takes lifelong commitment and honesty to build a healthy relationship. But unfortunately we are not trained in that way due our need of instant satisfaction. This leads to a mental instability, losing of focus due to unfavourable results & Depression.

It's a Disorder not a Decision.

Most of you people might still have taboo for a depression (I feel really sad for you) & most of you may be even don’t have a clear idea what depression actually is (Don’t worry bhai aya he bata ke jayega). So according to science, Depression is feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Too heavy??? Well in a UnShashi Tharoor English it is a common, and serious medical illness that negatively effects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act.

What is Depression?

According to a survey happened in 2017 nearly 350 million (35 cr) people around the world are suffering through depression and this number has rapidly increased over the time. Also there isn’t a just particular age group that is affected by it children below 12, teens, young adults and senior adults all are facing depression.

So today i am here to tell you people how music can improve your mental health. First going forward let me make it clear that sole music isn’t going to help you to get rid of depression; this isn’t a substitute for the seeking of help of qualified doctors and consultant.

However it has been proven repeatedly that listening to music or producing music improves your mental health.

Benefits of incorporating music in your day to day life.

¨ It helps in advancement of thoughts.

¨ Helps to achieve serenity

¨ Relax your mood.

¨ Boost psychological well being

Here are some ways that how music help to improve mental health.

1. It improves Focus.

Listening to classical musical can be soothing to your ear drums. Scientifically music which has tempo around 60 bpm (Beats per minute) can improve brain processing.

So play it at the back in a low volume when you study or doing some task.

2. Relaxation.

It’s a commonly known fact that music does help you to relax. Just listen to the right kind of music, get in your pajamas and have some glass of wine. Trust me this is the best thing you can do for mental health.

3. Fights Loneliness.

This is something some of us suffer the most. The sense of LONELINESS. Music has this magical power to sweep you off of your feet and giving the sense of being someone. So, when there will be days you will feel alone on your journey of life just plug some music and experience the song.

4. Boost Motivation.

There are some days when you are in real need of a serious motivation to start or complete a task. Sometimes you feel that it’s not going to happen and come to the point of quit. For this rainy days turn your head to music and see how motivated music itself is. Be it an exams, meeting or morning motivation a little dose of motivational music can boost your motivation.

5. Self-Expression.

Last but not the least making or listening music can help you express yourself. Creating music give your brain creativity and sense of purpose. Instead of turning to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & other social media choose music as an option. It is way healthier than you think.

So as you have seen depression and mental health are bigger issues than what we think. Young generation have to be more aware and vocal about it. If you’re one of those who are suffering right now please seek help. Just talk to your friends’ Family get medical help if required. Also Music alone can’t help you to get out of this go out meet people, eat healthy, workout & read books. Just give yourself a chance. You’re not a bad person you’re just in a difficult situation.

I look forward to bringing this blog to you, and adding more conent at least once a week, although hopefully more. Please put your comments, and email of topics you want me to write on in future.

I look forward to writing for you soon,

Rahul Bagade.



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