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too shy or introvert to go out and party on Friday night or I like making new friends as I am an extrovert. Introvert and extrovert the term we’ve been listening to now a days. According to studies these two different types of personalities have contradictory take on music. Apparently your playlist speaks lots of your nature as a person.

“What kind of music you listen to?” has become the common ice breaker. Which kind of music you listen has lot to tell about you. This information is highly useful for Marketers, politician or people who are seeking to have an influence on you. Extroverts who re energetic and expressive prefer upbeat a, rock, electronic and hip hop.

Music that Introverts prefer

For introvert music is way to relax and deep dive in to the world of nirvana. The world which is more exciting than the real one. When people ask us what kind of music we like we might struggle at first to reply. Most often introvert prefer sophisticated music and deep lyrics which are more meaningful than AAJ BLUE HAI PAANI PAANI OR DIN BHI SUNNY SUNNY.

Introverts mostly listen to music at home, during break time or while travelling. We love music because it pleases our senses. It somehow helps to contemplation and self-realization. We don’t listen to music to show off the playlist, we listen to it so that it help us to express ourselves.

Music always has been a social tool. People keep asking what type of music you prefer and we keep ignoring or give unsatisfying answers to avoid their barcode scanning of personalities. We tend to fear that it will reveal about our preferences, age, and ethnicity.

When you go to a party and you don’t like music is the same feeling introverts get every day cause they feel outside world is just not their rhythm which should be playing so, they keep finding themselves in music. No wonder why most of the best music producers are an introvert.

We live in the world which is characterized by superfluity of music. Music which pass through everything and hit the person in core can tell lot about him. But one thing to remember here that music should not be the medium to divide us. It should from bonds not boundaries. It’s something that unites us. It doesn’t ask you who you are or where you came from. It is something meant to enjoy.

The message given by music doesn’t need to be verbal it can be a feeling also. So next time someone ask you which kind of music you like just answer them “The Best Kind.”

I look forward to bringing this blog to you, and adding more conent at least once a week, although hopefully more. Please put your comments, and email of topics you want me to write on in future.

I look forward to writing for you soon,

Rahul Bagade.

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