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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Welcome To The rhythmNsoul

Hello friends ! My name is Rahul Bagade. An engineer graduate. I have keen interest in music and enthusiast in listening to different genres of music.

I have been thinking since quite a while to review a song in my first everrr blog, and last night I was listening to this song called SAGE by RITVIZ. After listening this song it was crystal clear that this is the song i have to put out there. so here it begins...!!!

The music

So SAGE is elegantly brewed song of EDM and Bollywood romantic song which has perfect touch of classical music. The moment you listen to the song you get know that this is something unconventional music genres combo which has been beautifully made by RITVIZ as his style is more "CLASSICAL EMD".


Talking about the music video it shows a love story of a boy who is super heighted, and a girl who is less heighted than him. Video represents how todays society is more in to looks than the person itself, and how this girl nonchalantly fall in love with this 6'5 feet guy without thinking about the world around. It contains super cute moments of their relationship phase from how they fall in love to how they move in. I personally believe that it is hard to keep the content simple yet trendy which RITVIZs almost all the videos manage to do.


More about the song

Talking more about the music an ERA where 90's song are being remaked than the original songs, this song stands out to be the finest of 2019 until now. so listen to this track if you are in love, you want to fall in love or you just believe that there should be love without any religion, caste, race, gender or body shaming constraints.

Finally I'll say we need this song more than this song needs us. Also as the song itself represent keep doing what you love. #DoWhatMovesYou

I look forward to bringing this blog to you, and adding more conent at least once a week, although hopefully more. Please put your comments, and email of you favourite songs, so which you want me to review in the future.

I look forward to writing for you soon,

Rahul Bagade.

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